About Us

Who we are

A team of programmers and designers, working since 2009.

What we are doing

We create software with an emphasis on interface design.
Our portfolio includes more than 100 different projects: from wearable devices, touch–screen kiosks and messengers to complex security monitoring software systems, smart home systems and yacht control panels.

How we make the world better

  In ensuring the safety of the 2018 FIFA World Cup there is our contribution.
  The quality control of construction is carried out in the software created by us.
  A doctor relieves patients of scars by a laser , looking at our interface.
  Homes have become «smart» thanks to us.

  • Business development software.

    Client – server solutions.

    WPF UWP XAML Telerik.

  • Unity 3D

    Interactive Applications

    Applications with lots of 3D and 2D graphics, animation and effects.

  • iOS & Android

    Mobile applications.

    Style, recognition, comfort.

    Mobile UI & UX

  • UI & UX Design

    Only good design with thoughtful usability, navigation and layout.

    Style Guide & System Creation

  • IoT & Multi-Touch

    We created the interfaces of the yacht management system, the onboard computer, several smart houses and touch-screen kiosks, there was even one laser.

  • Support

    Step-by-step product development and expansion of its functionality in the next versions.

Best works
  • Technonicol quality control

    App development

  • Terneo smart temperature

    Android UI

  • Abu Dhabi

    Payment touch kiosk UI

  • Smart home

    UI Design iPad

  • Info Kiosk WPF

    Design and Develop

  • HunterHelp

    Device GUI


More than 80 organizations and individuals have become our customers

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