Nothing is original.

It was told in the Bible:”What has been is what will be, and what is done is that which shall be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.”
In any new project there are blended elements of old ideas or just changes to them.
If you consider something is new and original, you just don’t have a sufficient amount of information.

Quality comes only when someone personally takes responsiblity.

This applies to acquiring the material, if the work is acquired by collective vote – you will always choose something of an average quality, because it satisfies  the majority.
But, unfortunately, the best work is always full of individuality, and it is impossible to please everyone and you don’t need to.  There is no accounting for taste and colour.

Trust the professionals in matters in which you are not an expert.

After all, if you were an expert – you’d do everything yourself. We’re sick of the words: “I was once in programming / design / drawing.”
We will expect from you comments solely on  functionality. If from your side come remarks like: “we do not like the font”, “we would like this button somewhere else, and this list slightly to the left”, “it’s too gray / variegated / red”, “is not rich,” we will hear but not blindly fulfil all your wish list – no. We will not do what we consider to be wrong.
If you can substantiate the  requirement competently – it will be done, but the criterion of “our CEO wants it a little lighter” – no.
Always please – watch the process , come and consider the work – only at the discussion stages before signing the contract.
We simply ask you to understand that YOU contact us so that WE made ​​the project. So let us be engaged in our work, that it was joyfully, performed professionally.

The most important thing – is the content.

In general the content is the only important thing in the product, there is no content – there is no application / site / design.
All the arguments about the colour, beauty, animations, fonts – are subjective. The most important – it’s the content. Design is needed precisely for the content, and not for the ambiance, it is secondary, as when creating the software there is a need to operate the data, all of the code is built on the basis of data which needs to be controlled.
Much more important is what is written on the button,  it’s not the shapes or the colours. If you don’t have the content, that means we will have no work to do.
You must come to us with clear tasks; there are no clairvoyants in our team. The clearer and more informative the requirements and the tasks are described, the greater the chances of success. “Here will be  a list of details, but for now we don’t know which, and here will be a panel with the buttons with an unknown function” – this is not a task.

Fast – is only in rabbits.

Qualitatively and quickly -is the dream of every customer, but unfortunately it does not happen. If the deadline was yesterday, it’s not our problem, besides, if you are already late, then  there is especially no need to hurry.
But there is no need  to delay, it is not beneficial to us in the first place.

Several design versions – a sign of cheapness and lack of professionalism.

We always do only one version, but we work on it to the smallest detail. During the operation we will choose the colours, fonts, shapes, but in the end there will always be one version, it’s  a search for the best from the many – this is the design. If any designer or studio gives you several options, it means only one thing – they are indifferent which will be your project. It is a designer who must solve this question, it is his job. We offer  several versions of  layout only if the customer is ready to pay for them and it is really needed  for the project (eg  I’ts implied that several design themes are needed)

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