18 April 2014 | 15:13

Mosaicum (musaicum)

We are creating a game.

Mosaicum-is a puzzle for Windows phone and Windows 8 with more than 500 ready-made templates divided into more than 20 collections of varying complexity and subject matter.
Completing various templates a player earns the candies (because everybody likes the candies), the player unlocks new types of mosaics with the candies , acquiring a new collection, and a variety of bonus features.
The game has 5 types of mosaics, each type has 3-4 sizes of playing fields and from one to three sets of of components that have 2-3 different colour palettes. The game begins with the most simple mosaics with a simple set of, but the further you go – the bigger the playing fields, the more complex sets of puzzles,and more colours in the palette. On the most difficult level the player has available mosaics of more than 2000 components.

BUT, everything is not as difficult as it seems, on completing mosaics a player will find a variety of bonuses, the player will have access to unique bonus-hints (we call them – super candy). In addition the player have available the various hints that he can use at a difficult time, but! The more the player uses the hints, the less candy he will get when the level is completed.

Watch the video of the gameplay for Windows 8:


At the moment we have almost finished a version for Windows 8, but we want to make a Universal App for Windows 8, windows Phone and in the future for xBox One.

mosaicum-All-device-1 mosaicum-All-device-2

Here it will look like a version for Windows Phone



And here we will have such a cool achievements



Presentation for MAAC





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