26 February 2014 | 23:03

My message

For sure you’ve been in some situations:

  • Find each other at the airport
  • Drawing attention to yourself during a conference
  • Have a conversation with a friend or girlfriend during a lecture
  • Shouting through the window of a car or train
  • Conversate with the hearing impaired
  • Show your feelings to a girl at the next table
  • Draw a response for a foreigner
  • Alert others of an emergency

Occasionally, expressing yourself verbally may not be enough, may be impossible or you just literally need to show your message to be heard! Using our application does exactly that: shows your message. This program enhances your ways to communicate and derives a non-verbal communication to a new level!

Displays and styling text messages:


Try to use emoticons. It easy way to show your thoughts:


Canvas form:


Generate and display QR codes:


Funny stories on board:


Have fun!

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We have been making interfaces since 2009. We follow the latest trends, sometimes we create our own trends, draw, develop and love to ride on the bikes

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